Youth Coaching/Mentoring 1:1

Supporting, guiding and empowering our youth around today's peer pressures, expectations, social situations and influences.  

​Objectives/Outcomes from Coaching/Mentoring:

  • Self Aware

  • Independent Thinker

  • Self Confident

  • Courageous

  • Conscientious 

  • Organized 

MePowerment "U"

MePowerment "U" (aka MePowerment University) provides a leadership opportunity for students within their school and community.   Students gain skills and an understanding of their strengths working as “change agents”; creating an atmosphere of kindness, respect and compassion thru their personal work on self-confidence, mindfulness and effective problem solving. 

  • Co-Ed; Elementary/Grade School Age and High School Age

  • 8 Week and 12 Week Programs Available; Or customized to the need of the school, community or organization

  • Personalized/Created to meet the needs of the school, community or organization

  • Fee:  TBD by the length of time and materials needed based on personalized curriculum; contact for for a complimentary consultation  

MePowerment Peer Group, Coach Led Community

What is a Peer Group, Coach-Led Community:

  • A combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in an on-line group setting to nurture, strengthen and empower youth socially/emotionally.   We will challenge each other to set power goals and more importantly accomplish them. 

  • Group help with creative ideas and wise decision making; shared successes and challenges

  •  Problem solving and collective, creative thinking 

  • Catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive peers; friendships 


Who:  Youth ages 12 thru high school – limited to 12 participants (must have 6 to be a go)

  • When:  Tuesday's, next series beginning February 23rd, 2021 3:30pm - 4:30pm 

  • Where:  Coach Sherra’s Virtual Community from Your Computer or Phone- link sent with registration confirmation

  • Why: This specific Peer Community is focused to support our youth during this time of "social distancing". Many tweens and teens are feeling deeply.  They are experiencing a great deal of loss- friends, school experiences, structure; feeling fearful, lonely, isolated, angry.  Physically Distancing, Socially Connecting Community provides a safe space to feel without judgement, be heard and supported, as well as learn valuable tools/skills to take outside the Virtual Space and implement without feeling like “homework”.  

  • Fee: 6 Week Series $69.95

MePowerment Virtual Summer Day Camp

MePowerment Day Camp strongly focuses on the social/emotional growth and development of our youth.  Each camp day brings a new opportunity to nurture the strengths found in self discovery, creativity, curiosity and connection.  

  • For Boys & Girls, ages 11-14 years old

  • One week day camp, Monday Thru Friday, Camp times determine by location (see below)

  • Small class size to support personal growth, trust and friendships through sharing, role playing, activities and community service project

  • Curriculum designed to empower our youth using a variety of activities and coaching tools in a supportive environment

  • Summer 2020 Virtual Camp will require internet; computer/laptop/tablet; availability for video with camera; audio with speakers/headset/earphone and mic. 

Camp Fee:  $139.00.  $25.00 non refundable registration fee, which will be applied towards camp fee 

*Registration fee must be paid in order to hold your child's spot for camp. 


2020 MePowerment Virtual Camp Dates & Locations


  • August 10th-14th, 2020, 9:30am-2:00pm  (break between 11:30a-1pm for lunch and off screen activity)

  • Virtual Camp from Your Home & Computer 

  • Camp fee includes materials and will be mailed to camper's address 

  • Each day will include a social/emotional activity/project, games, and small group discussion

  • Our week together will include a Community Service Project. 

MePowerment Workshop/ Group Coaching 

The Power of Our Words

Words are extremely powerful - when spoken to someone or self.  They can either hurt or help.  This workshop will encourage and empower our youth to use their voice from a place of confidence and courage. 

2 hour workshop; $20/participant; discount for more than 10 participants

Minimum 10 participants 


Bright, Bold, Beautiful You! 

This hands-on workshop introduces nutrition and how it can support your body/skin, energy and stress levels.  The participants will engage in a creative and mindful process that will allow them to learn and implement simple, yet powerful habits into their lifestyle.

1.5 hour workshop;  $20/participant; discount for more than 10 participants 

Minimum 10 participants 

The Lost Art of Boredom

***More Info Coming Soon***